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The Extra Mile: 12 months of giving challenge encourages area businesses to give of their time and talent to someone in our community who needs them.

If you own a business and would like to make a difference in the Fort Wayne, IN community check out this exciting opportunity!

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Make a difference for individuals in our community who fall through the cracks...

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Our Mission

In our search to match needs with resources we come across more needs than what we can meet in our 12 Months of Giving.  Check out this section to find out how you help give your time and talents to those who are in need in your own city!

The Extra Mile mission is to show the tremendous work of individuals and businesses that go the "Extra Mile" in meeting the needs of people in our community.  If you are a local business who is wanting to do more, contact us!

We are looking for outgoing individuals to join our Extra Mile team.  Are you a networker?  Do you like helping to connect needs with resources?  We have a place for you!  Come and help us change our city, one partnership at a time.

This Month's Recipient:

Meet Our Team


Our local media sponsor and supporter of the 12 Months of Giving challenge!

  • Angela and Isaac Arambula
  • Barbara Ables
  • Jim Stoppenhagen
  • Cheryl & Mike Mowan
  • Jorge Gonzalez
  • Rhonda O'Reilly

the 2013 Extra Mile Winners!

HearCare Connection

Our corporate sponsor and a proponent of the "Circle of Giving"


Our local radio sponsor and Extra Mile Extraordinaire!

  • Pam Tracy
  • Angie Paff
  • Ben Wilder
  • Denise DeMarchis
  • Estelle Griggs
  • Joe Hilty

This Month's participants: